charcoal drawing of standing nude woman   cleaning cloth. black and white sketcj of naked woman cleaning her cloth.

happy nude

charcoal drawing of standing happy nude. sketch of standing naked merry girl.  

preagnant woman

charcoal drawing of preagnant woman. sketch of standing nude preagnant woman.


illustration of ballerina figure. sketch of  dancing  ballerina woman.

woman catching bird

black and white simple line drawing of woman catching bird. sketch of standing naked woman holding bird.

woman in the sea

drawing of beautiful woman in the sea. sketch of standing girlwith sea background.

refugees problem

black and white charcoal drawing of refugees problem. sketch of refugee mother in the sea.

wild horse

black and white charcoal drawing of wild horse. sketch of angry, wild horse head.

marathon runner

black and white drawing of marathon runner. sketch of marathon runner woman running in the mountains. woman exercising for l

standing woman

black and white charcoal drawing of standing woman. sketch of unhappy standing woman.

cleaner girl

black and white charcoal drawing of standing cleaner girl. sketch of cleaning.    


black and white simple drawing of horse. sketch of horse head.

woman figure

black and white line drawing of woman figure. sketch of walking woman figure.

walking alone

black and white sketch of walking alone. charcoal drawing of woman walking alone in the night.

swimming mermaid

black and white drawing of swimming mermaid. sketch of mermaid in the sea.


black and white drawing of mermaid swimming in the sea. sketch of mermaid and fish in the water.

standing woman

charcoal drawing of standing woman. sketch of woman and her horsetail hair.


black and white simple line drawing of  woman. sketch of half body of woman.


simple line drawing of princess. sketch of standing princess.  

man of faces

  charcoal simple line drawing of man of faces. sketch of different man faces in simple lines.  

standing man

charcoal drawing of standing man. sketch of standing  half nude male body.

ballet and swans

charcoal drawing of ballet and swans patterned  curtain. sketch of woman ballerina dancing in the stage.