Sketch drawing (2-10-2018)

Sketch drawing (2-10-2018)

Sale artwork


My artworks is probably 21 cm-29 cm.

sketch of catching rooster

black and white sketch of rooster and woman.
illustration drawing of catching animal.
sale original artwork of coop and rooster.
daily sketch of escaping rooster.
charcoal drawing of  runnign roosters in the coop.
new artwork drawing of rooster and female.

head of trump
sketch of donalt trump

black and white sketch of donalt trumo.
illustration drawing of president trump.
sale original artwork of donalt trump.
daily sketch of the president.
charcoal drawing of cartoon trump.
new artwork drawing of head of president.

soccer player holding a ball
sketch of football payer

black and white sketch of  football player
illustration drawing of football player holding a ball.
sale original artwork of soccer.
daily sketch of football.
charcoal drawing of soccer player in the stadium.
new artwork drawing of football player walking with ball.

simple line woman and umbrella
sketch of flying umbrella

black and white sketch of flying umrella.
illustration drawing of girl and wind.
sale original artwork of wind.
daily sketch of woman cathing her umbrella.
charcoal drawing of girl and wind.
new artwork drawing of fly.

illustration of woman waiter
sketch of carrying a bottle

black and white sketch of woman waiter.
illustration drawing of carrying a bottle.
sale original artwork of wine and girl.
daily sketch of wine bootle and waiter.
charcoal drawing of standing girl with wine bottle.
new artwork drawing of girl walking with bootle.

abstract drawing of playing the piano
sketch of play the piano

black and white sketch of playing the piano.
illustration drawing of pianist.
sale original artwork of abstract pianist.
daily sketch of abstract piano and pianist.
charcoal drawing of play the piano.
new artwork drawing of pianist.

alone woman in the castle.
sketch of spring in the castle.

black and white sketch of coming up spring.
illustration drawing of alone woman in the castle.
sale original artwork of spring in the castle.
daily sketch of the first days of srping.
charcoal drawing of woman in the castle.
new artwork drawing of spring and standing girl.


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