What you need to know about league of kingdoms

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League of the kingdom is an online NFT gaming. It is one of the best NFT games that can turn your life around. You might be curious to know what I meant by saying, “it can turn your life around.” Of course, I meant it. League of the kingdom is an NFT game that is a game one can play and earn simultaneously. This unique game will bring so much fun to you, and either consciously or unconsciously, you will also add to your income. One thing I like about this game is the fact that one can play this NFT game on one’s phone. I mean, for me, it’s a great advantage.

League of Kingdoms

Dear reader, are you looking forward to having a unique way of adding to your income, and it won’t look like you are working? Do you wish to earn alongside having great fun? The league of the kingdom is the exact thing that you need. You don’t need to worry about how to play and start earning from playing the league of the kingdom. I am here to provide the things that you need to know. Therefore, I will implore you to pay rapt attention to the details. 

This awesome NFT game offers you the best quality animation. Then, you will have to build the kingdoms gradually. The next thing you must put in mind if you want to be successful in this game is that it is a must for you to draw an action plan on protecting and defending your kingdoms from enemies and monsters. Another crucial thing to note in playing this game is that you can own digital assets quickly and trade them through NFT technology.

 I can boldly say that the best online NFT game is the league of the kingdom because one can quickly get digital assets and trade them through NFT technology. However, there is another online NFT game to earn and have great fun. Some of them are sky weaver, forest knight and so on. But the best out of them all is the league of kingdoms. I want to prove the above statement by digging deep into the features of this awesome NFT game. Please, take a ride with me!

Features of League of kingdoms

  1. Expandable territory alliances: League of kingdoms is the best online NFT game that one can easily play on an android phone that is available on the internet. You will have the ability to build your territory and win the most valuable assets from the game. Meanwhile, as a player, you can contact kingdoms close to you for alliances. You can do this to take their kingdom to victory. You can get other kingdoms and have a cordial relationship with them. Then you can both work together on achieving success in protecting your kingdoms.
  1. Self-leader election: The reality in this game can bring some experience about democracy to every player. This is because players from different places can play this game. They have to select one person to be their leader by a voting process. All the user will use their token to elect their leader. Let me chip in this: one should be very careful while choosing and voting for someone to be the leader. Players must carefully observe and ensure that they choose the right person to lead them. Players must choose a leader who will do all it takes to move the game forward. They must not choose an authoritarian as their leader. Players must select a leader who is ready to work hand-in-hand with other players’ opinions. Please note that this game can be played well by using PlayStation four.
  2. Enhance kingdom look: As a player, it is expedient for you to get your hands on limited edition legendary skins for your kingdom. This is one of the features of the league of kingdoms. Increase the power of the kingdom by applying the skins to another level. Although getting the skin is not easy for everyone because numerous competitors are not resting. 

They are working very hard to get those skins. But, once you get the skin, no one can take it from you because it is yours forever. And all the ownership data will be saved in the blockchain.

What are the benefits of playing league of kingdoms?

Apart from the fact that one can earn so big while playing this online NFT game, there are other benefits. But before we move to the other benefits, I would like to give some details about how you can earn while playing this game. The only way to make money while playing this game is to own the land in the virtual estate. You will gain an ethereum reward. When you own the lands in the league of kingdoms, you will earn nothing less than 10% of the game’s revenue.

You might want to know how much the land is. The lowest level land in the league of kingdoms should be around $13. Level two land cost nothing less than $25. Please note that there are six levels of land. In the league of kingdoms, the most expensive land cost $240.

Another benefit is the ability to draw an action plan. This unique NFT game will give you the ability to think positively. Since the league of kingdoms is about protecting and defending your kingdoms from the attack of the enemies, players will have no other choice than to think deeply about how to protect their kingdoms. I have once met a psychologist that recommended this NFT game to me. Since then, the benefits of playing the league of Kingdoms have gone beyond earning ethereum. It has also improved my ability to think deeply before taking action.


Nothing should stop you from playing this game. I believe that I have shown you something you can run with. League of kingdoms is the perfect match for those looking forward to having some income alongside great fun. I’ll be waiting to answer any question that crosses your mind regarding this unique online NFT game.