What you need to know about spells of genesis as an NFT game

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Spells of Genesis is fantasy gameplay that skillfully builds with strategic aspects with team building and card collection functionality. Although there are countless NFT gaming, the spells of genesis are a striking combat mechanism that delivers thrill fights and an excellent captivative gaming experience. It is a game that is implemented with unique challenges at different levels.  Spells of Genesis (SOG) is the first blockchain-based mobile game ever made. Spells of Genesis combines Trading Card Game functionalities with the point-and-shoot aspects of arcade games. Players have to assemble and merge cards to create the most substantial deck to fight their opponents.

This unique NFT game is straightforward to play, and the instructions are straight for everyone to understand. Also, spells of genesis is a fantasy pre-emptive arcade game that proficiently blends strategic aspects genre with card collection and team building. This amazing NFT game has to do with card collection, trading, and merging orbs to build the strongest team and challenge various enemies while exploring the fantasy realm of Asia. You will have to use the blockchain collectibles in your wallet. Not only that, but you can also buy in-game cards and blockchain them later. SOG is using several blockchain collectibles. Although it also has authentic and exciting gameplay. The principle in spells of genesis is simple and addictive. But to move further, one will need to deploy a crafty tactic to defeat all one’s opponents.

What are the features of spells of challenges?

  1. Challenge mode: The first feature of this unique NFT game is the challenge mode. It is one of the NFT games that is most challenging. People often play this game because one cannot get tired quickly, unlike every other game. The spells of genesis were designed explicitly with an excellent challenge mode that will make the player feel gameplay at an infinite level. To unlock the challenging mode, you need to complete “the Orc.”
  2. Blockchainization: One of the unique features of spells of genesis is the free NFT –games ios. This allows the transformation of in-game cards into tradable and standalone blockchain assets. 
Blockchainization is Coming Back: Be Ready for September 17th! - Spells of  Genesis

The highest evolution is blockchain nation. 

  1. Gameplay: Unlike every other gameplay, spells of genesis are the best choice that one can choose to play. These unique NFT games offer highly existing and natural gameplay characteristics. And this enables one to point and shoot on opponents with tactical skills. 

Guide on how to play spells of genesis

If you want to know how to get started, follow the steps below.

  1. Download spells of genesis: The first thing to do to get started is to download the spells of genesis. You can download this NFT game App on the Google play store. After downloading, install it and register your account. 

You can use your Google mail account or create a separate account that will only be meant for spells of genesis. One can also enjoy this unique NFT game on one’s browser. The only limitation that one may likely face is that the web version may not have all the necessary features. Visit http://taylanart.com/types-of-nft-games/ to read about Types of NFT games.

Spells Of Genesis for Android - APK Download
  1. Choose your wallet: The next step is to choose your wallet. It is expedient for you to know that you will need an Ethereum or any other counterparty blockchain wallet. You will need this because gamers are compensated or rewarded with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the next step or stage to start is to create a wallet after your account has been registered. 
  1. Link your wallet to your game account: Several people have lost their rewards because they failed to link their wallets with the account they created. To play your blockchain cards in Spells of Genesis, players will need to enable the game to see which blockchain cards are in your wallet. Therefore, our candid advice is to use blockchain cards in-game, trade cards on the secondary market, and unblock the blockchainization feature. 
  2. Start collecting blockchain cards and enjoy the game: This is the last step. After you have done the above-listed steps, the final stage is collecting blockchain cards and enjoying the game. 

How to get blockchain cards in spells of genesis?

The only way to get blockchain cards when playing this NFT game is by purchasing blockchain cards from Asian merchants. The in-game cards can be brought to the in-game shop with in-game currencies. Therefore, upgrade your cards on their highest level, then fuse two copies of the same card to get a stronger one. 

Benefits of playing spells of genesis

  1. Fun: The fun of playing this fantastic NFT game is beyond expression. If you want to have fun beyond what you can say to people, spells of genesis are what you need. The pleasure that comes with this NFT game is what has kept it one of the best NFT games ever created. The fun is natural and lively. If you want to keep yourself busy, try downloading this game on the Google play store, register, and start playing. 
  2. Earnings are simple: Earnings are simple in the spell of genesis. Once you have done all the necessary things you ought to do during registration, then you are good to go. This game is one of the games that come with fun alongside massive earnings. Remember, you must link your account with your Ethereum wallet.
  3. Ability to face challenges: This unique NFT game has a powerful package of fighting battles and facing enemies. With that said, it can one way or the other affect players psychologically to the extent that they will be vital in their life pursuit. They will always have it in mind to overcome. 


What exactly are you still waiting for? Do you know that you can even play this game on your mobile phone? Of course, yes! Go ahead and download this game on Google PlayStore and enjoy yourself. As the process is going on, mind you, we are always open to answering any question that may cross your mind. We highlighted the meaning of this online NFT game and listed some of its features and benefits.