Top NFT games you should know about

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Cryptocurrency has grown to be one of the largest marketplaces, with NFTs representing the technology’s leading edge. Additionally, NFTs are a field that has a great deal of overlap with gaming. While there are gaming themed NFTs, the technology itself has several uses inside video NFT games. These games go above and beyond what is possible in the greatest cryptocurrency mobile games. The best NFT games incorporate technology into their gaming mechanics, creating an altogether new experience. NFTs not only provide new gameplay dynamics, but also provide a means for gamers and developers to monetise in-game objects.

The finest NFT games use the technology underlying NFTs to provide a superior gaming experience than that of a standard game. These are games that make use of NFTs to improve your gameplay. We’re not content with only selling nft games free to play here. NFTs are used in a variety of musical genres.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, represent an intriguing new frontier for cryptocurrencies. They have a great deal of promise, particularly for gaming. The following are the top NFT games available at the present.

The Top Five NFT Games

While each of the greatest NFT games does something unique with the technology, they also share something. Each game is built on the concept of asset collection inside the game’s ecology. The nature and scope of collecting material varies per game and category, and it is mostly up to players to pick which world best suits them. The following are some of the top cryptocurrency NFT games, each of which utilizes NFTs in a unique way.

Axie Infinity 

At the present, Axie Infinity is perhaps the most popular of all NFT games. As with many other titles on this list, this one makes use of NFTs to improve the gameplay. As with Pokémon, you must gather fantasy creatures to breed or trade. NFTs represent the game’s monsters. Along with training and breeding them, you may sell them in the game’s marketplace.

Top NFT games you should know about

Axie Infinity is an outstanding use of NFT technology that has garnered a fair amount of attention. It makes use of AXS and SLP, two Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, and by July 2021, the NFT collection in transactions is expected to be worth around $50 million. In some ways, the game is comparable to Pokémon, and it demonstrates how NFTs might be used in these sorts of NFT games.

Although it is only accessible on Android, Axie Infinity is one of the most innovative NFT games.


Sorare is another of the current top five NFT games. It’s a fantasy football-themed title. As with any fantasy football game, you build a squad around your favorite players and get rewarded for their performance in real-world games. The distinction in this case is that your team is represented by NFTs rather than by individuals. This lends a unique flavor to one of the finest NFT games.

This is another of the best NFT games that generates novel application ideas. By introducing NFTs into the player selection mechanism, fantasy esports and other fantasy sports may quickly become more lucrative.

Top NFT games you should know about

As was the case with Axie Infinity, this game has a collecting aspect. You must amass and locate the cards for the players you want. Sorare has faithfully replicated the sensation of collecting football cards, making it a one-of-a-kind game.

Evolution Land 

Evolution Land stands out on our list of the best NFT games because to its unique gameplay style. This is more of a city construction game, in which you may purchase land, construct structures, and overall grow your area. Each continent is represented in the game by a unique blockchain. Additionally, you’ll need to gather units known as apostles in order to locate rare troops with enhanced qualities. While Evolution Land retains certain collecting features, it distinguishes apart among the plethora of Pokémon-themed games that make use of NFTs.

Gods Unchained 

Gods Unchained is an enjoyable addition to the NFT games lineup, since it comes from creators with a track record of creating successful games. This title is a collaboration between many past directors of the Magic the Gathering series. In a similar vein to MtG, there are several distinct NFT cards that you may acquire. This is unquestionably one of the top five NFT games due to its history and growing potential.

Gods Unchained also has a lot of potential as an esport, depending on how it is created. When combined with the attractiveness of NFT cards and an expanding environment, we may be on the verge of discovering the next big esport to invest in.

Top NFT games you should know about


CryptoKitties is a rather enjoyable game built on the Ethereum network. It requires you to acquire a variety of cats that you may breed to increase your population. There are side missions here, such as puzzle solving, that aid in your progress through the game. This game is pretty similar to a couple others on here, with an emphasis on Pokémon-style NFTs. Due to its immense popularity and promotion of the idea of unique digital asset trading and blockchain systems to the wider public, it is likely regarded as the godfather of most NFT games.

As a result of this heightened attention, the game’s popularity and player attraction have dwindled. As the media came to cover CryptoKitties and the unique techniques it employs, the attractiveness and overproduction of kittens distorted the market and turned many people off the game. Click here for best time to play online NFT games.

However, it remains one of the prettiest and most interesting blockchain-based games available.

Top NFT games you should know about

Honorable Mentions – Best NFT Games

At the time of writing, they are some of the best NFT games. Nonetheless, the market has grown tremendously and continues to do so. That suggests that there are many more worthy of mention than five. These are some of the other noteworthy games now available in the NFT area, along with their justifications:


Illuvium deserves to be included here because of its enormous size. It is important to remember, however, that this is a future game. Prior to the final release, modifications may occur. This will be a fantasy-themed open-world role-playing game. It will be a large-scale role-playing game with all the features associated with that genre, such as classes and fighting.

The title will make use of NFT Illuvials that fall under several classifications. Each offers a unique set of advantages and disadvantages, allowing you to tailor your gaming to your preferences. By completing objectives and winning fights in the game, you may raise the power of your NFT. Although the project is still in its infancy, it does seem to be rather spectacular at the time.